Brussels with Kids: Comic book characters come to life at Moof

You’ve probably seen little plastic Smurf and other comic strip figurines. You may even own a few of your own. In the past twenty years, some of these figurines have taken their place in the art market and some are worth a pretty penny. Moof (Museum of Original Figurines) is a private museum containing mostly pieces from its chief collector and investor, Dominique de Rudder. It’s a fantastic place for kids and grownups of all ages.

Many of the museum’s 1,300 figurines—including Tintin, Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Asterix, Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, Blake and Mortimer, and many more—are displayed in over 60 scenes from various comic books. Some of the museum’s larger Smurfs figurines in the Smurfs village replica were donated by Hannah Barbara after being used in the recent Hollywood Smurfs movie.

Only a handful of companies in France and Belgium make these figurines. The chief company is Pigeon and they often produce just a few hundred of each. The figurine of Snowy in the sarcophagus is the only one of its kind in the world and is one of the treasures of this collection. Pigeon had made several of them but hadn’t gone through the proper authorization with the Maison de Moulinsart, who owns the rights to all Tintin merchandise. Moulinsart made them destroy all but one. It’s now worth around 400,000 euros.

The museum also has a comfortable screening room showing Belgian cartoons.

Today, art speculators invest heavily in these figurines. In fact, Pigeon now sells pieces before they even go on the market. So hang on to those Smurfs figurines!

Practical information

Admission: Adults: 6.50 euros; 3 euros kids to age 12; 5 euros ages 12-18

Hours: Open daily 10am to 5pm, except holidays.

Address: 116 rue marche aux herbes


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